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New Introduction

Hachette 2015
Founded in 1920 by Jean Baronnat, one of the last independent family business  Beaujolais. Led since 1985 by Jean-Jacques Baronnat, son of "Jean". The house has extended its range of wines in the South of France.
A regular in the Guide.
Beaujolais Blanc 2013
With its powerful nose of white flowers and lemon, and bold palate, round, aromatic and no rough edges,
this is a typical and nice white Beaujolais.
Brouilly 2012
 a floral and spicy nose, a smooth, crisp palate with good length.

Dussert Gerber 2015 

Here we have the motto "Respect for the wine." After my weapons on the ground, said Jean Jacques Baronnat I worked in the  cellar, 
the administrative and commercial. I select my first vintage that I put bottles in 1982 - my father was of course present at the time. 
Then for a few years, we bought together. 
Since the late 80s, I make the selection of wine which is vital to our business. It was also at this time that the wines of the Mediterranean 
coast appeared in our range. All I know in the wine, it was my father who taught me when he made me taste the wines he had chosen 
as well as the research work and assembly that we did together ". 

Excellent Bouilly 2013, a full-bodied wine with soft tannins, intense nose (blackberry, spices), full mouth, which blends notes of spice and 
raspberry. Beaujolais-Villages "Le Bois de la Fée" 2013, dominated by ripe strawberry wood and humus is quite fleshy, with a nice long 
finish. Taste the Saint Joseph in 2011, intense color with hints of black, with powerful aromas of cooked red fruits (blackberry, 
strawberry ...), with well rounded tannins but very balanced, could be served with a duck, and Crozes-Hermitage 2011, 
which develops a powerful and persistent nose of ripe currant and spices, a rich wine with velvety tannins, all in mouth, 
where the fat is associated with the structure.


 Gilbert & Gaillard 2015

Founded in 1920 by Eugene Baronnat the Baronnat House today
led by his grandson, Jean Jacques Baronnat. Located 30 kilometers
north of Lyon, the winery is located in the heart of the vineyards and markets its
wines from traditional customers in France and a portion (10-15%)
is sent abroad. Only the quality guide their choices in
selection of wines: it is the strict application of this principle which guarantees
its good image of tradition and seriousness.
White Beaujolais 2013: 84/100
Light lemon yellow dress. Pleasant nose, white fruit tart edge.
Supple, nice wine frank, clear, round in the mouth, balanced, always true to the fruit.
We will drink it with pleasure, for exemple with a poultry.
Beaujolais Rosé 2013: 85/100
Dress bright clear cherry. Pleasant nose, currant, strawberry, notes acidulated.
On the palate a fond wine, light, crisp, with good aromatic franchise. To be served  with appetizer and pies.

Brouilly 2013: 87/100
A wine with a red Purple supported with purple tints. Pleasant nose, currant, raspberry , spicy note.
Rich, virile, balanced, with a pleasant aromatic nose reminiscent deductible. Its  structure will allow to be keep .

Beaujolais Villages "Le bois de la Fee" 2013: 85/100
red Purple supported. Nice nose of red fruits, floral presence. On the palate the wine is  frank, honest, bright, dense, combining a crisp and spicy fruit. to be served with a cooked  meat in sauce.


Gerbelle et maurange - La revue du vin de France - 2015
White Beaujolais 2013: 15.5 / 20
a colour of pale yellow with lemon reflets , this Chardonnay exudes linden flower. An ample mouth before unveiling a greedy flavor that leaves your mouth minty. Serve with tabbouleh.
Do not miss the 14/20 2013 Beaujolais rosé.
A tonic rose with perfume of  pink grapefruit and tangerine. His round entry becomes nervous in contact with taste buds. Ideal with barbecued pork ribs.
BROUILLY 2013: 16/20
A colour of red  plum, scent of plum tart, acidulated , fruity flavor and a persistent   final. A very good vintage.
Lyon Beaujolais nouveau trophy : our Beaujolais won a silver medal
New awards from the wine guide 2014
Dussert Gerber wine guide 2014
Beaujolais blanc, Beaujolais rose, Moulin à Vent 2011 , Brouilly 2012 et Chenas 2011.
* Macon Villages 2012, Saint Véran 2012 et Macon Solutre Pouilly 2011.
* Côtes de Provence rosé 2012 et Côtes du Rhône 2011.
Hachette wine guide 2014
* Beaujolais-Villages 2011 " Le bois de la Fee" got one star
* Chenas 2011 got one star
* Saint Veran 2012

Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide 2014
* Bourgogne aligoté 2012, Macon Villages 2012 et saint Véran 2012.
* Beaujolais 2012 et Chénas 2011.

The film of the 2013 vintage
24 September  will be the beginning of the 2013 harvest. 
when the grape begin to be red

from the 11st of September

from the 30th of August

The flower of the vine has appeared on the last 19th of June : it was ten days later than last year; in 2011, the flower began on th 15th of May !

The plant in April then in May 2013

This year,the first buds appeared on the 15th of April : it was 10 days later than 2009.
The month of may was particularly cold and the vegetation is now later.
For getting an idea, in 2009 the vine flowered during the last days of May.

 Now, the grape appear and we will not get the flower before the middle of june.

year 2012 : in the vines
The harvest began Tuesday, September 11 and we picked the last grapes yesterday. 
Compared to last year, the period was divided by two, as the harvest. 
The general health is healthy levels are good but the grains are very small: it is the result of the severe frosts of last winter but due also to the weather during the bloom.

 degats de la grele

August 01
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July 13

2012 May : the grapes

Our river " la Saone" frozen in February 2012: it only happens every 30 years approximately
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 photo du 14.02.2012
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 photo du 14.02.2012

News from vineyards
Taking into account the climatic conditions of the spring, we  already know that the year 2011 will be one of earliest of these fifty last years. 
In my vines, we can see the first flowers and it is middle of may !!! 
Regarding to the last year : it means more than 20 days before because in 2010, it was around the 11th of June. 
It means that the harvest could be around the 18th of August.
Vinexpo 2011 : the most famous wine exhibition will take place in Bordeaux France next 19-23 June;  we will be present in Bordeaux. 
 About Vinexpo 2011  
Sucessful for our wine  in Denmark
The largest newspaper in Denmark - newspaper BT - has tasted many wines and as a result of this tasting, our Coteaux du Languedoc 2008 got 4 stars.
go to the article
For getting more informations in Denmark on our wines, please contact Scandinavisk Vinimport - M Kristensen
Fabulous 2009 Beaujolais 

A distinction for our 2009 Brouilly recognized as one of the top 5 of the year. 

Following a tasting at which all Beaujolais wines have participated, a professional jury has selected five wines from each appellation of Beaujolais.
Millésimes 2010
At the top of the Premiers Grands Vins Sort with " Chenas" and Moulin à Vent. .
Undoubtedly at the top. Here, the motto is "Respect for the wine." Jean-Jacques Baronnat runs the trading house established for over 100 years by his grandfather, then producer in Beaujolais.
Very nice "Moulin à Vent  2009, tasty and fine bouquet with intense ruby color, pronounced nose of ripe red fruit (blackcurrant, cherry), with rounded tannins, this wine is both powerful and flexible, very typical.
Excellent Brouilly 2008, very aromatic, with subtle notes and intense, humus overripe red fruit and spices.
Beau Morgon 2008, the nose of blackberry and smoky, with tannins, a wine which goes to a very nice development.
Try the white Macon Solutre Pouilly 2008 and also the 2009 Beaujolais Villages red.
Also taste the Coteaux d'Aix en Provence Rosé, pretty much representative of the wines of the region with a bright color, nose of citrus and white fruits fresh, while flexible, perfect on a grilled fish.
Beside,  the Cotes du Ventoux 2007, ruby red, nose of ripe red berries, very fragrant, large, good frame, generous and persistent.

MILLESIMES 2010  - La Bible Internationale des Vins -
voir le classement des vins de Patrick Dussert Gerber


The wines mentioned in Millésime 2010
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The wines mentioned in Millésime 2010
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A new label for our Baron de Baronnat
This wine is produce with the same method as Champ method . It stays 9 months in botlles and the fermentation is produced in the bottles.

some pictures

New awards for our wines 
 Wine guide selection for Jean Baronnat wines.
In september, year by year, we get the new wine guides parution.

The growth cycle of the 2009 harvest
Pictures from the 20th of August 2009
20.08.2009: After 3 weeks without rain, in one week the harvest will begin : the d day  is set for August 27. If the weather stays mild, the vintage will be good.
The samples show a sufficient quantity, without excess, a good balance and a high degree natural.
The few photos below you will see the beauty of the grape.

Pictures from the 20th of August 2009

Pictures from the 20th of August 2009

23.07.09: the beginning of "veraison"
some first grains takes a pink colour ...
After three weeks of good weather, you see the first grapes gradually change color. Of course, we have to wait one month before harvest and the transformation  is still very shy but it is the beginning of veraison.
With the photos below you can see it...

the colour change

06.07.2009 : Since the flowering of the vines, we have an ideal time for the maturation. Of course, like every year we have some storms but the weather is warm without being too wet. the wet passages are followed by dry weather, which helps prevent the development of rot and vine diseases. The treatments are also more limited this year.

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30.05.2009: the vine is in bloom. Since last week, the vine has flowered. Last year, the flower came around the June 18th and the flower comes with more than 2 weeks in advance. It is an ideal weather during the flowering - with the exception of a cold passage last week - and we'll probably get one harvest more homogeneous than last year. The flowering period is always important for the future harvest. We should harvest between end of August and early September.

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06.05.09 : Over the past three weeks, the vine grows very quickly and you can see the difference on the pictures. Now, little by little the vine becomes green.

Pictures date  : 05.05.2009
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After a cold winter, and especially that lasted over time than other year. For example, the gel was permanently installed in mid-December until mid-March. Since then, little by little, time is more lenient; these last days, it looks like to summer. 
This week the vine begin to change, ie that we have seen the first leaves. If everything goes normally, the flower of the vine should be in late May / early June, but we will talk in time.

pictures date : 16.04.2009
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Jean Baronnat company was present for the first time in Praha  for the wine fair : Vino&destilaty
During three days, we met Czech people, importers, wine lovers, restaurants, specialized shops... and our wines met a real success.

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News awards for  Jean Baronnat wines
 Wine guide selection for Jean Baronnat wines.
In september, year by year, we get the new wine guides parution.

The 2009  wine guides who wrote about Jean Baronnat wines

Wines selected

Incontestablement au sommet. Ici, on a pour devise «  Le respect du vin ». J’aime bien Jean-Jacques Baronnat qui dirige cette maison familiale de négoce, créée il y a plus de 100 ans par son grand-père, alors producteur en Beaujolais.
Remarquable Moulin à Vent 2006, de très jolie couleur grenat, charnu, au nez de fruits surmûris (framboise, cassis) et d’humus, très classique, un vin qui associe couleur et matière, d’excellente garde.
Le Fleurie 2006 est complexe et harmonieux, avec ces nuances se définissant par des arômes de framboise, de fraise des bois, un vin de couleur profonde. Excellent Brouilly 2006, corsé, un vin qui sent bon les fruits rouges mûrs et les sous-bois, de bouche savoureuse.
Goûtez aussi le Saint-Véran 2006, de belle robe pâle, avec cette touche d’acidité alliée à une rondeur agréable, où s’entremêlent des notes d’amande, de fruits mûrs et de bruyère, et le Mâcon-Villages blanc 2006, souple, tout en arômes, au nez complexe et puissant (acacia, poire), très bien équilibré, de bouche parfumée et ample.
Beau Morgon 2005, au nez de mûre et de fumé, aux tanins présents, un vin qui poursuit une très belle évolution.
Le Crémant de Bourgogne est tout en arômes, au nez intense et complexe (fleurs fraîches et musc), de mousse crémeuse.
Aucune hésitation, bien entendu.
Côte de Brouilly
Cette affaire familiale créée au début du siècle dernier est dirigée depuis 1985 par Jean-Jacques Baronnat, petit-fils du fondateur. La sélection 2006 d’un grenat assez intense s’ouvre sur des parfums de petits fruits rouges (cerise). Ces derniers accompagnent une bouche fraîche et équilibrée aux tanins qui s’arrondissent. On pourra déguster ce vin dès maintenant ou bien l’attendre encore un à deux ans.
Les Oréades : a new label created by the famous japanese artist Radical Suzuki.
The Oréade was a nymph of the meadows and woods: it symbolizes the campaign and we have decided to dedicate a vintage because it symbolizes the land of our wines.
You will discover a new presentation that has been specially designed by Radical Suzuki, a wellknown Japanese artist  that you can discover through his website :
Radical SUZUKI web site

Nos présentations
 les oréades - vin de pays rouge -
 les oréades - vin de pays blanc -
 les oréades - vin de pays rosé -

Jean Baronnat company will be closed this summer between from the 31st of July  and  the 17th august 2009.

 You can join us :

* by e-mail :
* by fax  33 474 621 921

This year: rain and low temperatures...
Since the early spring and, with the exception of the second half of March, temperatures were very low for the season. Maturation of the grapes is laborious.
Now, we are realizing some damage caused by heavy winter frosts: though in most cases the vines has not been destroyed by frost, it nevertheless suffered three weeks of severe frost of February. One obtains  grapes of all sizes, some with tiny grains.

 01 Aout 2012
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photos du 13 Juillet

A new label created by RADICAL SUZUKI for our wines Les Oréades.
Oréade was a nymph of the meadows and wood: it symbolizes the countryside and we decided to dedicate a vintage to him because it symbolizes the soil of our local wines.
You will find a very pretty label created by  Radical SUZUKI, we invite you to discover his web site.

the labels
 les oréades - vin de pays rouge -
 les oréades - vin de pays blanc -
 les oréades - vin de pays rosé -

The specialized review Gilbert et Gaillard
Beaujolais wine: to erase the crisis and to emphasize the vintages
"Take Régnié for example, a vintage born in 1988. Who knows this name today?  questions Jean-Jacques Baronnat, directing house of  Baronnat company. Before adding: If the Beaujolais wine were a bad product, we  would not sell all over the world. However, of names seem less to suffer that others, like Brouilly, Moulin à Vent, Fleurie, Morgon or saint amour."
A picture of our new vehicle
Jean Baronnat company sell now wines in Turkey.
If you want to have more informations, please contact us :
e-mail :
fax : 00 33 474 621 921

Since the last summer, you can find our wines in Turkey.

Fresh wines for summer
Click here to enlarge 
During the summer, maybe  you want to drink fresh wines.  You can drink classical wines like rose wines - Tavel, Cotes de provence, Bandol... - but you can  also innovate with less known wines such as :
- Beaujolais rose wine 
- Costières de Nimes rose wine 
Discover our councils to serve and taste the wines
We give you councils concerning the service of the wines and how to taste them.
A chapître is also devoted to the agreements put and
To obtain a password: