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our awards  in 2015 guides

2015 Hachette wine guide
Founded in 1920 by Jean Baronnat, one of the last independent family business  Beaujolais. Led since 1985 by Jean-Jacques Baronnat, son of "Jean". The house has extended its range of wines in the South of France.
A regular in the Guide.
Beaujolais Blanc 2013
With its powerful nose of white flowers and lemon, and bold palate, round, aromatic and no rough edges,
this is a typical and nice white Beaujolais.
Brouilly 2012
 a floral and spicy nose, a smooth, crisp palate with good length.

2015 Dussert Gerber wine guide
Here we have the motto "Respect for the wine." After my weapons on the ground, said Jean Jacques Baronnat I worked in the  cellar, 
the administrative and commercial. I select my first vintage that I put bottles in 1982 - my father was of course present at the time. 
Then for a few years, we bought together. 
Since the late 80s, I make the selection of wine which is vital to our business. It was also at this time that the wines of the Mediterranean 
coast appeared in our range. All I know in the wine, it was my father who taught me when he made me taste the wines he had chosen 
as well as the research work and assembly that we did together ". 

Excellent Bouilly 2013, a full-bodied wine with soft tannins, intense nose (blackberry, spices), full mouth, which blends notes of spice and 
raspberry. Beaujolais-Villages "Le Bois de la Fée" 2013, dominated by ripe strawberry wood and humus is quite fleshy, with a nice long 
finish. Taste the Saint Joseph in 2011, intense color with hints of black, with powerful aromas of cooked red fruits (blackberry, 
strawberry ...), with well rounded tannins but very balanced, could be served with a duck, and Crozes-Hermitage 2011, 
which develops a powerful and persistent nose of ripe currant and spices, a rich wine with velvety tannins, all in mouth, 
where the fat is associated with the structure.


2015 Gilbert& Gaillard wine guide
Founded in 1920 by Eugene Baronnat the Baronnat House today
led by his grandson, Jean Jacques Baronnat. Located 30 kilometers
north of Lyon, the winery is located in the heart of the vineyards and markets its
wines from traditional customers in France and a portion (10-15%)
is sent abroad. Only the quality guide their choices in
selection of wines: it is the strict application of this principle which guarantees
its good image of tradition and seriousness.
White Beaujolais 2013: 84/100
Light lemon yellow dress. Pleasant nose, white fruit tart edge.
Supple, nice wine frank, clear, round in the mouth, balanced, always true to the fruit.
We will drink it with pleasure, for exemple with a poultry.
Beaujolais Rosé 2013: 85/100
Dress bright clear cherry. Pleasant nose, currant, strawberry, notes acidulated.
On the palate a fond wine, light, crisp, with good aromatic franchise. To be served  with appetizer and pies.

Brouilly 2013: 87/100
A wine with a red Purple supported with purple tints. Pleasant nose, currant, raspberry , spicy note.
Rich, virile, balanced, with a pleasant aromatic nose reminiscent deductible. Its  structure will allow to be keep .

Beaujolais Villages "Le bois de la Fee" 2013: 85/100
red Purple supported. Nice nose of red fruits, floral presence. On the palate the wine is  frank, honest, bright, dense, combining a crisp and spicy fruit. to be served with a cooked  meat in sauce.


2015 Revue du vin de France
guide gerbelle et maurange - La revue du vin de France -
White Beaujolais 2013: 15.5 / 20
a colour of pale yellow with lemon reflets , this Chardonnay exudes linden flower. An ample mouth before unveiling a greedy flavor that leaves your mouth minty. Serve with tabbouleh.
Do not miss the 14/20 2013 Beaujolais rosé.
A tonic rose with perfume of  pink grapefruit and tangerine. His round entry becomes nervous in contact with taste buds. Ideal with barbecued pork ribs.
BROUILLY 2013: 16/20
A colour of red  plum, scent of plum tart, acidulated , fruity flavor and a persistent   final. A very good vintage.