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In what part of the world, can  one find  the presence of the oldest wine ?

 If the business of the wine was developed by Grece people; it is in Iran that we found the oldest wine in the world


What sort of grapes- red or white - you have to use for doing :

 1-  white wine ?

For getting white wines, you have two possibilities : you can use white grapes or red grapes with white juice.

All these grapes give white wine
Chardonnay grapes
Aligote grapes
Pinot gris grapes

 2- red wines ?

 Pinot noir grape
For getting red wines, you have to use red grapes with white juice or red juice.

 3 - rose wines ?

 Gamay grape
For getting rose wines, you have to use red grapes with white juice.

Do you know the name of the man who created the CHAMPAGNE wine ?

This man was a religious man and  he worked in vineyards. He made some experimentation and he created the famous CHAMPAGNE.

 the church where  Dom Perignon lived

Do you know the ten "crus" in the beaujolais vineyards ?

 The crus are : 
- Brouilly, 
- Côte de Brouilly, 
- Régnié, 
- Morgon, 
- Chiroubles, 
- Fleurie, 
- Moulin à Vent, 
- Juliénas, 
- Chénas, 
- Saint Amour.


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 Church REGNIE
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 Beaujolais map

Do you know the " Grands crus " of the Côte de Beaune ?

 There are six wines which can use the name of grand cru.

One red wine 

Five white wines :
Corton Charlemagne,
- Chevalier Montrachet,
- Batard-Montrachet
- Criots-Bâtard-Montrachet
- Montrachet


 Hospices de Beaune

Do you know the name of a french wine which is made with a blend of Pinot noir and Gamay grapes ?

 It is the composition of Bourgogne Passetoutgrains. This wine included at least 30% Pinot noir.


Photography of the grapes
 Pinot noir

The Burgundy area shared in six parts : do you know them ?

 From the north to the south, there are : 
- Chablis vineyards, 
- Côtes de Nuits vineyards, 
- Côtes de Beaune vineyards, 
- Côte Chalonnaise vineyards, 
- Maconnais vineyards, 
- Beaujolais vineyards.


Pictures from Burgondy vineyards.

Do you what sort of grapes are authorized in Burgundy area ?

 There are two different grapes for getting red wines and two different grapes for getting white wines.

In the burgundy wineyards, we can use :
Pinot noir and Gamay for red wines,
* Aligoté and Chardonnay for white wines


One part of the major vineyards of Bordeaux missed in the first classification for the Bordeaux wines; do you know the name of it ?

 The vineyards of Saint Emilion and Pomerol was forgetten in the classification in 1855.


 Cheval Blanc

Do you know froom what area comes the wine Pouilly Fumé ?

 The wine named Pouilly fumé comes from the center of France, near the town of NEVERS. The vineyards takes place in the Loire valley.



Do you know who introduced  vineyards in France ?

 Roman people planted the vineyards in France after the war against Gallic people.


Do you what sort of grapes are authorized in Beaujolais area ?

 There are two possibilities : 
* Gamay grape for red wine 
* Chardonnay grape for white wine



Do you know the name of the french wine which produces only rose wine ?

 It is the TAVEL from the Rhone valley.  It is made with grenache, cinsault, clairette, picpoul, bourbooulenc, syrah and mourvedre. 


 Tavel vine

At the end of the 19th century, a 
disease destroyed the french vineyards. Do you know the name of this disease  ?

 The phylloxera.
In 1861  phylloxera appeared in Europa. It was an insect of very small size which came from America.
Gradually, it invaded all France. The French vineyard was saved disappearance thanks to the American seedlings which resisted the animal.



When you taste a wine, there is three steps. Can you give them ?

 The three steps are :
- You have to watch the wine : the eye,
- then  you have to smell the wine : the nose
- at last, you have to drink the wine : the mouth.


Do you know when the first classification of bordeaux wines was made?

 In 1855 in Paris took place the universal exhibition. For this evenement, there was a wine tasting and the result of it will be the classification.


Art and wine

 Do you know what is the famous french wine which use different label each year and each label is created by an artist ?

It is Mouton Rotschild. In the past , we can find :
* 1955 : Georges Braque,
* 1969 : Miro,
* 1970 : Chagall,
* 1972 : Kadinsky,
* 1975 : Andy Warhol...