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The vine in 2014  |  The vine in 2013  |  The vine in 2012 : evolution  |  The vine vegetation in 2011  |  remember 2010 year

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The D-day for the harvest was set for August 24 
This is the earliest the last 20 years except in 2003 - it had been proclaimed on August 14, never seen from the late-nineteenth century. 
The first grapes harvested confirm the samples taken last month:  a healthy harvest, with  a well balanced between sugar and acidity. 
We had a rainy afternoon Friday, Aug. 26 but has not damaged the crop.

The flower appeared around May 15 to finish 10 days later.
The harvest will be so early in 2011.
Ripening began in the July 18-20, so we had already lost several days
compared to the flower. The harvest should be 90 days after the flower 
of the vine, it is a forecast for 2011 to 15 August. 
Yet it takes 30 days minimum following veraison to the harvest, 
it means around the 20-25 August.

The vine is about 10/15 days ahead of last year. The beginning of the vegetation  was carried out in the first days of April against in mid-April in 2010.
On the 22th of April, the advance is still effective.

évolution de la végétation sur 2 semaines
 photo du 5 avril 2011
 photo du 11 avril 2011
 photo du 22 avril 2011

picture from year 2010
 photo prise le 28 avril 2010
 photo prise le 2 mai 2010

You can see that the vegetative state, 2 May 2010 is very close to that of 22 April 2011. Caution, however, this advance can be lost quickly if the weather in May will be more fresh and less sunny.

more pictures
 22 avril 2011
 22 avril 2011
 11 avril 2011