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under this heading you will find  the following subjects: 
- how to serve the wine, 
- what wine for what dishes, 
- tasting...

How to serve the wine
- the choice of glass is very important: it must be colourless,sufficiently large and, if possible, narrowed with  opening. 
You have to serve the wine for the 2/3 of glass. 
  These precautions will allow you to appreciate your wine as well as possible. 
You have to check before being useful that glass is not impregnated with an odor: one finds odors related on the products crockery or comes from the cupboards.

Desirable temperatures of service of the various wines:

1 - vigourous reds wines  towards 15/17° 
2 - light reds wines towards 12/14° 
3 - rose wines and dry white wines towards 9/10° 
4 - dessert wines, sweet aperitif wines and champagnes towards 5/8°